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300-1353  Power Supply Sun Fire V880
300-1448  130W AC Power Supply Unit
300-1523  Delta DPS-1500 AC Input Power Supply
320-1273  Type-6 Keyboard, UNIX
330-2821  System Board Filler Panel
330-2983  Processor Module Slot Filler Panel
370-3718  Dual Fan Assembly
370-4068  CL2 Cable for HSI PCI
370-4344  CD-ROM Cable and Paddleboard, V120
501-4155  Audio Module
530-2582  Peripheral DC Power Cable
530-2688  SCSI Data Cable
530-2889  RJ45 to DB25 Serial Port Adapter, RoHS:Y
530-2944  Smart Card Reader Cable, 20"
540-3258  Drive Bay Assembly w./Backplane
540-4136  System Board Shroud Assembly
540-5292  Chassis Assembly, Sun Blade 2000
X312L  European Power Cord
X312L  European Power Cord
X954A  300W Power Cooling Module
X978A  Fibre Channel Optical Cable 50/125
X1018A  SunSwift Sbus Host Adapter
X1032A SunSwift SE U/W SCSI/FastEthernet
X1034A PCI Quad FastEthernet Adapter
X1049A Quad FastEthernet Sbus Adapter
X1059A SBus FastEthernet Adapter 10/100
X1059A SBus FastEthernet Adapter 10/100
X1062A Single Ended Differential Sbus SCSI Adapter
X1065A Sbus Ultra Wide Differential SCSI Adapter
X1066A SunATM-155/MFiber PCI 3.0
X1134A External SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, 0.8M
X1139A External SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, 2M
X1141A Gigabit Ethernet PCI (GBE/P) 2.0
X1151A/X3151A  Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF (Fiber)
X1155A High Speed Serial Interface PCI w. cable (HSI/P)
X1232A cPCI SE UltraSCSI+10/100 Ethernet
X2222A  Dual FastEthernet/Dual SCSI PCI Adapter
X3668A PGX32 Graphics Adapter
X3769A XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator (32MB)
X3830A 4M External HD68 to VHDCI68
X3831A External SCSI Cable (Drive to Host HBA)
X3832A External SCSI Cable, HD68 to VHDCI, 2M
X3856A External SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, 0.8M
X4320A Fan Tray System Rack
X4322A Fan Tray CPU Area (FT1 & FT3)
X4422A Dual GigabitEthernet/Dual SCSI PCI HBA
X6540A Dual Channel Single Ended SCSI Adapter
X6541A Dual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI PCI
X6730A Sbus FC-AL Host Adapter
X6731A Sun FC-AL GBic Module 100Mb/s
X6799A PCI Single FC Host Adapter
X6920A 19-inch Rack Mount Kit
X7085A 19-inch Rack Mount Kit
X9628A Rack Mounting Kit, V880
X9653A/X9653B StorEdge A1000/D1000 R/M Kit
X9682A 560 Watt Power Supply Unit
X9684A Lucent 380 Watt Power Supply, E220R/420R
X9818A Front Door Kit, 72" Cabinet
X9819A Cooling Kit (2x Fans), 72" Cabinet
XTA-3000-1UAC-KIT  3Y Power YM-2151B 150 Watt Power Supply
XTACSM1-RK-3RU-19U  Sun StorEdge CSM100 3U Rack Kit
RK-3800E  Sun Fire 3800 Redundancy Kit
SG-XARY030A  72 inch Sun StorEdge Expansion Cabinet
SG-XPCI1FC-QF2  2GB PCI Single FC Network Adapter (X6767A)
SGXPCI1SCSILM320-Z  PCI Single Ultra320 SCSI Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI2FC-QF2  2Gb Dual Channel FC Host Adapter (X6768A)
SG-XPCIE2FC-QF4  4Gb Dual Channel FC Host Adapter, PCI-E
SF-XCAB  Sun Fire Cabinet
SR9-KM038A-IP  Sun Rack 900-38 with AC PDS & Front Door

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